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Allbody Razor

The Art of Shaving - Tips and Tricks

"Embrace the Ceremony of Shaving, where every stroke becomes a moment of mindful precision and self-care. Experience the artistry and elegance of a straight razor, transforming your daily grooming routine into a ritual of grace and sophistication."


1. Prepare

Begin by preparing your skin for optimal results. The best way is to have a hot shower or wash your body several times with warm water to soften the hair follicles.

Secure a fresh blade into your Allbody Razor by twisting the handle base. Hold the blade by the sides and drop it in from the top. Twist back to secure.


2. Brush & Bowl

Next, begin by wetting your brush and vigorously rubbing it against the shaving soap bar until a rich and creamy foam forms. Afterward, ensure proper care for your soap by storing it on a dish or in a well-ventilated spot to allow it to dry thoroughly.

Fill your shaving bowl with water and gradually mix it with the foam to create a luxurious lather. For an even richer lather, sprinkle a few additional drops of water into the bowl and continue mixing until the foam reaches the desired consistency.

Now, take your brush, loaded with the decadent foam, and apply it to your face or body using gentle circular motions.
If you don’t have shaving brush apply the soap directly to your skin. You want to apply this in a circular motion.


3. Hold tight

Hold the top of your head and pull the skin flat and tight, a slight tilt of the head will stretch it even further. For your legs point your toes and raise your arm for your pits. Top tip: move your body to tighten the skin so it is nice a smooth for the razor to glide on.

Taking the razor in your free hand find a balanced grip. There are several points where the Allbody Razor has been design to grip. Under the head and towards the base are the main two.


4. Let it flow

Understanding the direction in which your hair grows is crucial for a successful shaving experience. To test the hair's growth pattern, gently run your fingers along the area. If the surface feels smooth, that indicates the direction of hair growth. By shaving in alignment with the grain, you minimize the likelihood of ingrown hairs and razor burn, promoting a more comfortable and irritation-free shave.

Begin by starting the first short shave from the top of your shaving area. If the process goes smoothly, repeat the same motion just below, and rinse off the removed foam and hair under the tap.

To ensure optimal results, maintain a 30° angle while shaving. This angle minimizes the risk of hair pulling and reduces the chance of accidental cuts. When your skin is properly prepared, the blade is sharp, and the angle is correct, the razor will effortlessly glide across your skin.


5. Rinse and repeat

Start by cleaning your body once again with water and soap, ensuring any stray hairs are removed before proceeding to the next pass.

After you have completed your shaving session, rinse your body with cold water. This will help to close your pores and provide a refreshing sensation. To minimize irritation, apply moisturizer using a gentle patting motion, allowing the product to be absorbed without rubbing or tugging at the skin.

Don't overlook the maintenance of your shaving tools. Rinse your Allbody Razor, Brush & Bowl under running water to remove any residual soap or foam. Afterward, gently dry them with a towel to keep them in pristine condition for your next shaving session.


6. Good to know

To ensure the longevity and safety of your Allbody Razor, it is advisable to store it in a dry location such as a cupboard or shelf, away from direct exposure to shower water. Since we recommend regular blade replacements, it is convenient to keep spare blades and the recycling tin together.

When it comes time to dispose of a used blade, remove it from the razor and place it in a designated sharps tin provided. Proper disposal methods may vary, so we recommend consulting with local authorities to determine the best recycling practices in your area.


For safety and hygiene reasons, it is essential never to leave the blade in the razor when not in use. Remember, the Allbody Razor is a grooming tool that should be handled with care and respect. It is intended for use by individuals aged 18 and above, who assume responsibility for their own actions and usage.

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